Two semesters (September to June)

CPM-Lab-Annual program

Due to the positive experiences of the three previous CPM-Lab workshop weeks in Lunz am See and the feedback of participants of the last years, a 1-year program of the CPM-Lab will be developed from 2021 on, which enables to continue the creative process.
During the workshop week in Lunz am See, many creative doors will be opened, the development of new skills will be initiated and the participants will be given the opportunity to get in touch with their own musical voice, to realize it in an ensemble and to perform their new works on the wellenklænge festival stage.

Since creativity and artistic development are processual procedures, the next step is to accompany the workshop participants: starting from the workshop week in Lunz, the annual program continues with individual- and group-lessons for the participants over the period of a whole year. Ideally the outcome of the 1-year program is a joint final concert or performance.
Each semester, a guest speaker will give an impulse workshop on the topic of project development or improvisation.

1st semester (September-January):
From September to January, each participant has 5 teaching units at the instructors’ disposal. These individual units will be combined and take place by the day, so that other participants also can listen or take part. Thus, there will be one day per month where the lessons will be held in blocks for everyone. The group-atmosphere of the summer week is thus recalled.
On two weekends the whole class will come together, rehearse the already existing material, and develop it further in the group. There will be one guest workshop per semester.

2nd semester (February-June):
The 2nd semester follows the same principle as the 1st semester. Furthermore, there will be an intensive preparation for the final concert, which probably takes place in Vienna or Lunz.


+ Simon Zöchbauer – workshop management, improvisation, composition, ensemble
+ David Six – guest instructor for improvisation
+ Angélica Castelló – composition, ensemble

Guest Instructor::
+ Thomas Grill – Komposition, Improvisation, elektroakustische Musik
+ Julia Lacherstorfer – Guest Instructor:

Cooperation with ELAK, course for electroacoustic and experimental music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.