Applied Creativity – from Inspiration to Performance

Composer-Performer Music Lab

1 – Workshopweek Lunz am See:

The CPM-Lab is aimed at instrumentalists, improvisers, electroacoustics and composers who are both active instrumentalists and performers and who create their own musical works. The aim is to develop and shape your own works together with participants and speakers within six days and perform them on the floating stage of the wellenklaenge festival on the last day.

2 – CPM-Lab-Annual program:

Due to the positive experiences of the previous CPM-Lab workshop weeks in Lunz am See and the suggestions from participants in recent years, there will be a 1-year program of the CPM-Lab from the 2021 season, which will continue the creative process. The starting point remains the workshop week in Lunz am See. From then on, the participants are accompanied over two semesters with intensive individual and group lessons and thus have time to devote themselves to their own artistic development in greater depth.